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Aqueous Hobby Colour Thinner
This thinner contains alcohol for faster drying, though the Aqueous Hobby Colour may be diluted with..
J.A.S.D.F. Aluminized Old-Timer Colour Set
Contains: Aluminized Silver (C377), JASDF Landing Gear White (C378), and JASDF Cockpit Dark Gullgray..
J.G.S.D.F. Japan Vehicle Colour Set
Contains: Dark Green (TC07), Brown (TC08), and Olive Drab (TC09)..
Japanese Army Tank Colour Set
Contains: Ground Colour (TC13), Grass Colour (TC14), Hay Colour (TC15)..
Japanese Naval Camouflage Colour Set
Contains: SC04 Type 21 Camoflage Colour, SC05 Type 22 Camoflage Colour and SC06 Linoleum Deck C..
Mr Cement Deluxe
Thin glue for plastic models...
Mr Cement S
Extra thin glue for plastic models.Quick drying...
Mr Cement SP
A new type of pour on adhesive.Compared with the former pour on type adhesive, drying speed has been..
Mr Dissolved Putty
Introducing a highly effective liquid sealant putty with even better viscosity than SURFACER 500.Thi..
Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black
Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 is a black primer / surfacer that gives a quick drying, smooth finish in ..
Mr Mark Setter Neo
Decal softening solution - mild. Improves decal adhesion...
Mr Mark Softer Neo
Decal softening Solution - strong...
Mr Masking Sol Neo Mr Hobby
A masking sol using a gum different from other types of masking sol to smooth out peeling after pain..
Mr Masking Sol R
“MASKING SOL”, which can be applied, cut and peeled off. This is a water-soluble product, so when it..
Mr Surfacer 1000
Mr.SURFACER 1000 contains finer granules than Mr.SURFACER 500. They are both used in much the same w..
Mr Surfacer 1200
Mr.SURFACER 1200 contains finer granules than Mr.SURFACER 1000. They are both used in much the same ..
Mr. Grinding Cloth No.400, 600 & 800
This is a polishing cloth with abrasive compounds applied to a polyester mesh base. The mesh cloth g..
Mr. Surfacer 1000 - Gray Primer
This coating is useful for filling in bumps, scratches and dents in plastic models, for removing bub..
Mr. Tool Cleaner R
This product quickly dissolves paint stains on airbrushes, brushes, paint trays, spare bottles, etc...
Royal Air Force Colour Set - Early Period & Desert Camouflage
Contains: Sky / Matt (C368), Dark Earth / Matt (C369),  Azure Blue / Matt (C370)..
Weathering Pastel Set 1
Weathering pastel set recreating sand, mud, dust and other grimy conditions. Conventional pastel req..
Weathering Pastel Set 2
Weathering pastel set recreating sand, mud, dust and other grimy conditions. Conventional pastel req..

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